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MyFoodBag Health and Safety Induction

Health and Safety can be a difficult topic to convey to staff and contractors alike due to the volume of information and sometimes tricky subject matter. 


Vision8 teamed up with a Health and Safety consultancy along with the MyFoodBag team to produce an excellent short video utilising the front person of MyFoodBag, Nadia Lim and the key staff from the different areas of the organisation.

A 2 camera shoot was organised for a day moving about several locations of The MyFoodBag premises.

The video was well received by management and staff, who took great pleasure in seeing their colleagues on screen.  The video has become a benchmark for showcasing a fun way in  utilising staff members to highlight the importance of Health and Safety, and what a great place to get a free lunch!  Big thanks to Nadia and the team for a fun shoot.

"The MyFoodBag team were delighted to have a single induction video that showcased vital H&S messages for staff, contractors and sub contractors along with showcasing the importance of their Brand integrity."  K Lawry,  HR + Health & Safety consultant

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