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The first problem that the Sales & Marketing team were facing was that they had virtually no video content.  Working alongside McCann Creative, an audiovisual script was developed to encompass science and sports performance.


A gym in Palmerston North was delighted to get shots of their athletes - a perfect location. Well groomed talent performing exercise routines meant it was perfect for slow motion shots along with stabilised camera movements A visit to the Hansell's lab and warehouse in the Wairarapa provided the location for the final shots.


The voiceover was performed by Andy and some motion graphics were made to open the video.   The result was an excellent showcase that could be used again and again.  

Vision 8 were great to work with.  By spending the time with me initially, talking and listening, the team very quickly understood our vision and what we were wanting to achieve by making the Horleys Video. Excellent communication throughout the entire process with total professionalism on filming days, getting the job done with efficiency and fun.”  Paula Bowden, General Manager, Horleys Intelligent Nutrition

Horleys Nutrition Promo Video


When Duncan from McCann Creative called to discuss a video concept with high production value shots of athletes and gym enthusiasts, we were instantly excited.  


Hansells NZ had been offered a unique opportunity to present in one of the biggest Trade Shows in Asia.  Only two sports nutrition companies were given this opportunity. 


One of their product lines, Horleys Sports nutrition products had built up a great reputation locally so a video showcasing that was needed and needed fast.

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