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Building confidence

  • Training individuals

  • Building video production teams 

  • Advice on software solutions

  • Advice on hardware solutions

Anyone with a smartphone can record a video but not everyone can make a  video look smart. 


With some expert guidance from us, you and your co-workers could be producing a lot of your own video content in no time.  



  • Director

  • Camera Operator

  • Editing

  • Colour grading

  • Sound Post

With a wealth of experience in both production & post we enjoy being a part of making something special.

We can work as a single camera operator (i.e. DSLR on a stabiliser with radio mics) or build a production or post team for what's needed



  • TVC's

  • Promos

  • Presentations

  • Award Entries

Health and Safety

  • Staff induction

  • Corporate Communications

  • Procedural Videos (SOP’s)

Making others look good is what we love to do and it's nice to be a part of keeping people safe in the workplace with our H&S videos 




Andy McGrath

Managing Director

I've been producing film & video content for a little while now (20+ yrs), and I've had many wonderful moments. Directing & editing loads of music videos for NZ bands; Directing Big Screen events for over ten years for the All Blacks; as well as an Indian Cricket tour in NZ and concert tours with stars like Kanye West, along with producing TV shows seen worldwide on the Discovery Channel.  But the most memorable moment I can recall is interviewing 88 year old Harold, a surviving veteran from the Pearl Harbour attacks in 1941.  These moments make you realise what a privilege it is to be making stories through moving pictures.

I've spent a lifetime honing skills in most areas of video production so I can make every project look great. 
Whether it's working with a team or being a fully on-hand director/shooter/editor, I like to think I've put my best effort in to make each presentation a winner.






To get your video project started, please fill in the following form. 

Offices in:

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New Zealand


email: info@vision8.co.nz

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